Strategic response to cyber crisis:
Deal with the Attacker.

Gain extra time:
for wiser business

Each second counts when a ransomware attack is detected. More data and files are encrypted as time passes, more devices are infected, ultimately driving up both cost and damage for the company. 

Business executives need extra time to determine the possible damage and assess whether it is possible to mitigate the problem without paying hackers. 

Effective, competent and professional communication with cybercriminals becomes an essential element in managing cyber crisis involves extortion.

Key elements in our work to manage cyber crisis:
▪️Identify the scope of the event.
▪️Profile the treat actor.
▪️Define negotiation goals.
▪️Assess the «cost-of-no-deal».
▪️Handling strategic extortion.
▪️Execute the deal gradually.

Our goal is to assist our clients in risk assessment and in making the best possible business decision.

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Reduce the uncertainty:
minimize business

The rise of ransomware has been driven by businesses' growing dependence on technology and data.

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, widespread and damaging. In recent years we observed many cases when manufacturing plants were seriously damaged by cyber-attacks, and electricity grids and automobiles were shut down by hackers. Cybercrime is no longer only about the loss of information. Digital Threats Turn Physical. Many companies are not ready for the challenge.

We help managers and organizations to minimize the financial and reputational damage; support crisis managers.

We provide crisis consulting services and full-scale cyber negotiation management service.

Winning against hackers: understanding the human factor.

When the cyber crisis is not managed professionally, it may ruin even a very successful company in days.

The "cost-of-no-deal" might occur higher than managers expect from the first sight: destroyed production facilities, intellectual property theft, data and software loss, source code theft, reflected in stock prices drop, loss of investors, clients, business partners - heavy financial, technological and reputation damage.

Competitive edge to winning against hackers lies in understanding the human factor. Understanding the human "why?" is more important than knowing the technological "what?".

Before making the critical business decision NEST experts provide our clients with the detailed profile of the attackers: who is playing against the client, the attackers' motivation (revenge, deception, financial), psycho-linguistic analysis, willingness to collaborate, flexibility in the deal and fulfil the agreement.

for the information
for time
for a better deal

We are experts in complex negotiations with cyber threat actors.

Established in 2006 by Moty Cristal, a Harvard graduate (1998) and a world renouned negotiation expert. NEST is a unique , Tel Aviv-based , global group which provides complex cyber negotiation and crisis management for businesses worldwide.

Our experts have more than 10 year of successful global experience in negotiating with cybercriminals, assisting CEOs and business owners in  crisis management, providing complex operational support, expert ransomware negotiators.

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Ransomware Statistics & Facts:
$ 18.8 million
Largest ransom demand in 2019
$ 5.6 million
Largest ransom paid in 2019
$ 302,539
average ransom payment Amount

Once you have been attacked and business is shut down, there’s very little you can do but negotiate.

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When to call ransomware negotiators? Now.

Ransomware is a big business. Criminals expand, adopt new business models. The global estimated ransomware damage costs reach $20 billion by 2021. Cybercrime will cost the World $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025. It’s very likely that if you haven’t experienced a ransomware attack or extortion demand, you could in the not too distant future.

Whether you choose to pay the ransom or not, we will assist you to navigate the crisis.

If you’ve already encountered a message from the cyber criminals— we recommend not answer the note before getting professional assistance. Everything you say or don’t say, the channels you use, and the timing and tone of your communications will all have a bearing on these proceedings. Structuring the deal, the money transfer, and the data recovery are critically important.

Our experts have extensive global experience resolving complex ransomware attacks.

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