The Untold Truth about Negotiating with Cyber Criminals


When hit with ransomware or when your data has been taken hostage, you will face the need to negotiate with cyber criminals. Many IT and Security professionals believe that the key question is whether to pay or not to pay, however experience shows that regardless of the business decision to pay or not, communicating with cyber criminals, having a better understanding of the scope of the crisis, in-depth profiling of the threat actor and providing creative support to the mitigation efforts – all can significantly improve the overall management of any cyber crisis. In this talk, Moty Cristal, a professional crisis negotiator, will present the logic and the process steps of communicating and negotiating with cyber criminals as well as providing educational insights from recent events.

Moty Cristal is the CEO of NEST, Negotiation Strategies. He has served in various official capacities in Israeli negotiation teams with Jordan and the Palestinians, and experienced years of intense negotiations. Since 2001, Mr. Cristal advises, consults and trains business people, entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior government officials in Europe, Russia, US and Asia in analyzing, planning and designing complex negotiation processes. He has been working intensively in the energy, construction, financial, technological, pharmaceutical, industrial, transportation and aeronautical sectors, varying from deal-making negotiations, including start-ups investment and marketing processes, cross-cultural business disputes, union-management conflicts, post-merger integration, to business and national crisis management.

Moty Cristal, CEO, NEST, Negotiation Strategies

Oct 20 2020 | 40 mins